Diagnostic Testing

In order to provide your pet with the most accurate and complete diagnosis possible the Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic uses a variety of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.  Both of our clinic locations feature an in-house lab and ultrasounds, which allow our staff to diagnose sick patients more quickly, so that treatment can begin sooner and your pet can be back on the road to good health. 

When your pet is sick, you want answers right away. With a variety of in-house diagnostic tools, we can focus on treating your pet instead of waiting around for test results.

Pets can suffer from many diseases. Among the most common are:

  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Feline lower urinary tract disease
  • Cancer

To help identify and treat these and other diseases, the Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic uses a wide range of in-house tools to provide the information we need to best treat your pet.


We use digital radiography. Compared to x-rays produced by a traditional machine, the quality of digital radiographs is much better. The time spent taking your pets' radiographs is also significantly shortened and fewer pictures are needed to achieve diagnostic-quality results. At the Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic, all radiography images are interpreted by a board certified radiologist. This helps ensure quick and accurate interpretation of your pet’s medical needs. 


Ultrasound is a valuable, non-invasive imaging procedure that complements x-rays and allows our veterinarians to better visualize internal organs in the chest and abdomen. This painless diagnostic technique can often be done without sedation of your petUltrasound is also invaluable for diagnosing and making treatment decisions for various types of heart disease. Ultrasound works best in conjunction with other diagnostic procedures. For example, if an x-ray detects a lesion, an ultrasound can determine the origin of the lesion and whether it has spread elsewhere in your pet's body. Using the ultrasound image as a guide, surgical biopsies can be obtained without major surgery and your pet can often go home the same day.

In-house Laboratory Testing

With on-site laboratory equipment, bloodwork and urine testing can be completed during your pet's visit to further assist the veterinarian in assessing their health and wellness. Samples are sent to our referral laboratories as needed. Performing in-house lab work saves time for you, and also helps to ensure that any illnesses or disease can be diagnosed more quickly and accurately.

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